Contact Customer Support with the Touch Screen Information

The right touch screen drivers need to be added to your network to match the touch screens you are going to use. Once the touch driver has been added the customer support team will let you know when it has been added and what the name of the driver is.

Applying the Touch Driver to the Player

To apply the touch driver the player must be powered up with the touch screen connected and the player online within to EnGage. Within EnGage  navigate to the player you want the touch driver to be on and select the assignments tab, under firmware select assign then on the drop down select the touch driver provided by the customer support team. In the example below we are selecting "Horizon Touch Patch 8.4.0GA".  Once this is selected press OK and publish to the player. The player will download the patch files and will reboot. When the screen is showing content and reconnects to  EnGage we can then calibrate the touch screen in the next step.