To monitor a display panel it must have an RS-232 (serial) port with appropriate query commands. This option is usually only available on commercial grade panels.  Each display manufacture will have a different set of control codes for managing and controlling the panel functionality. Panel manufactures may even have different control codes for their various panel model lines. EnGage has built in support (control codes) for many popular panel manufacturers.

Step 1) Connect the serial cable from the EnGage player to panel. Some panels may have an RS-232 IN and OUT. Connect the cable to the IN port. If the player doesn't have a serial port, a USB to serial adapter can be used. 

Step 2)  Create a new or edit an existing Screen Settings.

  • Select the panel type, which defines the control codes for the panel.
  • Set the "Screen Control" mechanism to "Direct (Serial / USB)".
  • Select the proper control port serial or USB depending on how the serial cable is connected to the EnGage player.
  • Set any other option screen settings such as disabling the remote control or the on screen display settings

Step 3)
Publish the Screen Settings.

Once the new screen settings are published, the EnGage player will download these new settings and will be begin monitoring the panel.  This will also apply the settings to the panel as defined by the options in the Screen Settings.

The site Overview page will display Panel ON, Panel OFF, or Error depending on the state of the panel. Error means the player can't communicate with the panel over the RS-232 cable and there is a problem.