The OSM widget is created with EnGage, but the OSM dashboard is an entirely different interface.  In order to access the OSM dashboard, a user needs to be given a role granting permission to log into for regular EnGage OSM or for VAR OSM.

Within EnGage, go to the Managmenet tab and click the sub tab 'Users'. Here create new users or edit current user roles.

To create a new OSM user click the green plus sign in the Users task bar.

1.)  Create username

2.)  Enter e-mail address

3.)  Enter user password and confirm password Note: usernames and passwords are case sensitive.

4.)  Click Save

Once you have created the new OSM user, assign the proper roles.

Note: Restrict users based on admin privileges or as general OSM users. General OSM Users should NOT have OSM Admin role assigned.

Refer to Understanding User Roles to choose correct user roles.

Click "Save" to save the roles to the user account.