Once you have created the OSM widget and an OSM user, go to http://enqii.net/osm2/ or for VAR, http://var.enqii.net/osm2/ to log in.

Note: You must be an OSM admin in order to give an OSM user access to a site/ sites within an account.

Within the Admin tab, click on the user within the User Management tab.  Click the edit button to assign site access.  

The Site Access hierarchy is identical to the hierarchy set up within EnGage.  Choose which permission you want to grant to the OSM user.  Refer to the notes circled above regarding which check marks (blue, green, and solid green block) cause sites to be directly and indirectly managed.

To check the proper site access has been given, log out of OSM and log back in as the user you created.  Refer to the drop down in the top right hand corner to view sites available for OSM content publishing.