Within EnGage, each primary entity type is organized in a hierarchy.  This hierarchy can be configured to suit each customer’s business needs.  Some primary entities within EnGage can have typed metadata (attributes) associated with it.  Using this metadata, parametrized searches can be constructed to filter the data.  

Such elements as sites, players, content, layouts, programs, timetables and playlists can each have their own hierarchical organization. Aside from the organization aspect of the hierarchies there is a very useful ability that can be applied to most hierarchies, which is inheritance.  Elements can be assigned to various “branches” in a tree and the “leaf” nodes can then inherit the assigned elements. All the Sites under the assigned branch will also receive this assignment. If an element is assigned to a lower branch an exception is added. This exception will longer inherent the assignment from the higher branch until the lower assignment (exception) is cleared. 

NOTE: The hierarchy structure for the Sites  needs to be decided when an EnGage account is first created as it can be very difficult to change later.