The EnGage Players support native flash (SWF) and flash video (FLV)  playback up to version 11.3. Although Flash was not originally designed for use on Digital Signage applications, it's been a great tool to create dynamic content that can't be achieved by using video or images. However, because flash was designed for use on the web there are some important characteristics of flash that must be understood to make the playback more suitable for digital signage applications.

The most important factors when using flash are:

1) MOST IMPORTANTLY! Test the content on an EnGage Player before deploying it to a live network. 

2) Check the duration that was estimated by EnGage for accuracy and manually set the duration on the flash file if required.

3) Be sure to include "stop" command at the end of the flash file playback so the player doesn't play back the flash file indefinitely.

Flash SWF and FLV files can be added directly to a Program

For more details about flash content creation specifications, please refer to the Flash Content Creation Guide for EnGage Players