EnGage has a large selection of widgets available for your programming.  Content widgets can provide supplemental content such as clocks and scrolling text, or provide tools for various ways to control content playback such as dynamic tracks, campaign tracks, spatial tracks and OSM tracks. All widgets are created and stored within the Content, Program Content Tab.

Step 1) Click a folder location where you would like to create your widget. Click the 'Add Widget' button located in the Overview tab to the right.  An 'Add Widget' window will prompt you to choose a widget. 

Step 2) Click a widget to see a description on right of widget capabilities. Click continue to select widget. 

Every widget will have different settings and characteristics. However, all widgets once created, will appear as content within the tree of the content tab. 

Step 3) Enter all the details/settings for the widget and click "Save".

The example above shows a "Clock" widget that has been created. This widget can then be added to a program or playlist similar to traditional video and image content.

See How do Content Widgets scale? for more information about the size (resolution) of a widget.