The term “Site” in EnGage refers to the bottom node of the a site hierarchy which is assigned a Player  and one or more Screens.

Although the term "Site" is often referred to as a location with an address, within EnGage there can be multiple "Sites" within a physical location. For example, a department store could have many "Sites" (players connected to a screen) within each department or a Zoo could have many "Sites" around the park for the various attractions.

A "Site" must be created within EnGage before a Player can connect and download content. EnGage is a Site centric system. Elements are assigned to the site, not a player. Once the Site has been created, elements such as the Player, Screen Settings, Timetable, Connection Schedule and Command Schedule can be assigned to the Site. The player gets all it's content, scheduled, and settings via the elements assigned to the Site.