Within the Studio tab, click the Programs tab.  All program creation and management will be done within the Program tab.

Programs can be organized by folders and sub folders.  To get started, click the Programs folder and click the create new folder icon, the yellow folder with the green plus sign, seen below far left.  You will be prompted to then name the folder.  

Note: It is best to name program folders with clear description so users can locate a program easily.  Right click the folder or click the "abc" icon within the task bar to edit the name of the folder.  The same function applies to the naming/editing of programs as well.

Once you have created a folder in which you would like to place your new program, select the folder and click the add a new program icon seen as an orange grid with a green plus sign.  Name the program, and then choose the desired screen layout.  Screen layout refers to how the content will display on the screen.  Below, see the 'Full Screen' layout chosen from the stock screen layouts provided in the Global Layout Folder.  Click OK.

Note: Custom screen layouts with multiple zones can be created in the Screen Layouts tab within studio.  Refer to the Creating Screen Layouts solution.

Next, you will be prompted to begin programming within the Program Designer.

Notice the Visual Zone preview in the bottom left corner displaying "A". "A" refers to Zone A, where full screen content will be programmed.

All content available for programming will be in the content tab within the Program Designer.  Refer to content tab location as seen above.  

Note:  The content tab within the Program Designer will display folders and content as it is seen in the Content-Program Content folder when first organized.  If content cannot be easily found, save your program, and reorganize your content within the main Content - Program Content tab.

Click the piece of content you would like to add to your program.  Drag and drop the content into the Zone for which you want the content to play.  The example below displays Zone A as a full screen display of content.  

Note: The EnGage Program Designer will display the duration of your programming loop at the top of the zone containing the content and will update as you either add or remove content. (See below 2h: 9m :20.00s within Zone A)

Note: To get a clear view of the content you are programming, click the small gray gear in the top right hand corner.  This gear allows you to expand the content to view as thumbnails by viewing the track details.  To retract the thumbnail preview, click hide track details.  See below.

Note: The order of the content within a zone, will display content in that particular order on the screen.  To change the order of the content, click, drag, and drop content to the desired position in the program.  To remove content from the zone click, and drag the content to the garbage icon in the Program Designer task bar.

Click the floppy disk icon to save the program. Once the program has been created, it can then be added to a Timetable. For more information about creating Timetables, see "Creating a Timetable ".